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Our Getting Started with LearnDash course is the first of many courses we have planned. Here’s a preview of what’s on deck…

LearnDash + Elementor

Because of the recent release of LearnDash’s Elementor integration, the gaining popularity of Elementor, and the high demand for Elementor-related content & tutorials, this course has jumped to the front of the line.

There’s a lot to cover, but we’ll do our best to walk you through all the possibilities of using LearnDash together with Elementor.

Projected Launch: Mid-November

LearnDash Design Hacks

Some of you might be familiar with the Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash plugin that we built & continue to maintain. It’s no surprise that CSS is our bread’n’butter.

This course will expose many of the CSS tricks used to build the Design Upgrade plugin, plus some additional CSS that we use throughout this site. Prior knowledge of CSS won’t be required, but it will be helpful. We’ll spend a little time explaining what CSS is, the very basics of how it works, and how to find class & ID names in LearnDash. But this will not be a CSS 101 class.

To start, you can expect 15-20 shorter lessons that explain the CSS and showcase the final product. Both video & code samples will be provided.

Projected Launch: December

The Making of LDX Training

This one’s gonna be fun! 🤠

Do you think this site is pretty neat? Do you use the Elementor page builder? Are you open to using Easy Digital Downloads as an ecommerce solution?

The plan is to take you through the entire process of building this site, from start to finish now.

  • LearnDash setup & configuration
  • Elementor page templates (Theme Builder)
  • Using ACF with Elementor
  • Our complete Easy Digital Downloads setup
  • A few Uncanny Toolkit modules
  • Other plugins we’re using
  • Custom PHP snippets to change functionality
  • Some of the custom CSS we use

Projected Launch: 2021