Important: Before You Start

Please take a moment to read through these before you start using Design Upgrade Pro for LearnDash. They contain some important information in order for the plugin to work properly, as well as some tips to make customizing your LearnDash design a little easier.

These options only apply to the pro version. If you have the free version, there are no settings to customize. You simply install the plugin & that’s it.

Reset LearnDash Color Settings

In order for our plugin’s color options to work, you’ll need to disable any LearnDash color settings you have previously set. If you have not chosen any custom colors in this area, you are good to go. You can disregard this step. But if you have set up custom colors…

  1. Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Settings
  2. In the Design & Content Elements section, you’ll see 3 color options
  3. Click on the Select Color button, and then click Default
  4. Once you’ve done this for all 3 colors, click the Save button in the top-right corner

3 Ways to Access Customizer Options

All of Design Upgrade Pro’s options are located in the WordPress Customizer. Let’s walk through the 3 main ways you can access them.

To preview your customizations before making them live, you’ll need to visit the appropriate LearnDash-related page in the Customizer. This is why option #3 is often the preferred method.

1. From the Installed Plugins page

After you’ve activated the plugin, you might find yourself back on the Plugins > Installed Plugins page. If you’d like to navigate directly to the options panel in the Customizer, you can click on the “Customize” link below the plugin name.

This will take you directly to the LearnDash Design Upgrade panel in the Customizer, which contains all the sub-panels where our options are located.

2. Appearance > Customize

No matter where you are in the WordPress admin area, you’ll always have a link in the left sidebar that will take you to the Customizer.

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize
  2. Click on the LearnDash Design Upgrade panel
  3. All of our options are listed here, in sub-panels
Step 1
Step 2

3. Use “Customize” in the Toolbar

This is often the most preferred method of accessing our plugin’s options, mainly because it will open the WordPress Customizer for you, and you’ll already be previewing a LearnDash-specific page. This means you’ll be able to preview your changes right away.

  1. Navigate to a page on your site that has some LearnDash elements. For example, this could be:
    • a course page
    • a lesson, topic or quiz page
    • the page that contains your LearnDash profile ([ld_profile])
  2. In the black bar at the top, click Customize
  3. Navigate to the LearnDash Design Upgrade panel
  4. Customize your design, previewing it on the right-hand side of the screen, and click Publish when you’re finished
Example of a lesson page in Focus Mode. This method will allow you to preview “Focus Mode” and “Course Navigation” customizations right away, before publishing them.


  • Unfortunately, there is no easy way to preview design changes to the LearnDash login/registration modal. You need to be logged out to see the modal, but logged in to use the Customizer.

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Lesson: Important: Before You Start

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