Can I apply styles to a specific course, lesson or topic?
No. All options are universal and will apply to all LearnDash content.

Can I use custom icons?
No, our plugin does not support custom icons.

Can I add information like number of lessons in a course, number of students enrolled, video duration, etc.?
No, not with our plugin, but this is possible using WordPress custom fields & customizing LearnDash’s template files.

How do I change fonts?
In short, our plugin does not offer any font options. This is an intentional decision for several reasons. We believe your LearnDash site should inherit font styles from your theme to help maintain consistency of design. Adding font families & variants also adds weight to your site, which is a common contributor of performance issues.

If your theme doesn’t provide adequate font options, consider using a font plugin.

If you would still like to change a few font styles or sizes on LearnDash elements, we do offer custom CSS snippets to our Pro customers. Please email our support team for assistance.

Can I collapse section headings (and the lessons beneath them)?
No, not with our plugin. Consider hiring a LearnDash developer to help you with custom code.

Is Design Upgrade for LearnDash compatible with PHP 8?
Yes. Both the free & pro versions are compatible with PHP 8.

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