The LearnDash Profile block and [ld_profile] shortcode are used to display some information about the currently logged in user, along with a list of courses they are enrolled in. Design Upgrade Pro lets you create quite a few different layouts & combinations of what info you want to display, and how you want to display it. Let’s take a look.

Profile Summary: Layout & Colors

The profile summary refers to the entire top section of the LearnDash Profile. This section contains:

  • a user’s profile image
  • the user’s name
  • an “Edit Profile” link
  • some general stats regarding courses, completed courses, certificates & points


For the layout, you have two options:

  • Stacked (default): This option uses the default layout, where the user’s image, name & “edit profile” link are stacked on top of the stats
LearnDash Profile, stacked example
Example of a stacked profile summary layout, using a light grey background & dark grey text
  • Horizontal: This option places the user’s image, name & “edit profile” link next to, or located horizontally to, the user’s stats
LearnDash Profile, horizontal layout
Example of a horizontal profile summary layout, with a stacked profile stats layout


There are also two color options you can customize for the profile summary area:

  • Profile Summary: Background: The background color for the profile summary section. A lighter color is recommended, otherwise you will not be able to see the line separators between the stats. When a color is chosen, the Global Border Radius from your General Design panel will be used.
  • Profile Summary: Text: The text color for all the content in the profile summary. In the stats, the words “courses,” “completed,” “certificates,” and “points” will use this color, but be displayed at 75% opacity. The “Edit Profile” link is displayed at 85% opacity, and fully opaque on hover.

Profile Stats Layout

The profile stats are the 4 statistics that are shown in the profile summary area.

  • Horizontal (default): This option displays all 4 stats side-by-side
  • Stacked: This option stacks the 4 stats on top of each other. See the image above for an example.

Hide Sections

In general, Design Upgrade Pro identifies 3 main sections of the LearnDash Profile that you can hide.

  • User Info
  • Statistics
  • Your Courses

Here’s a visual of what each of these sections are referring to:

3 sections you can hide in the LearnDash Profile

Enabling any of the following 3 options will hide the corresponding section:

  • Hide Section: User Info
  • Hide Section: Statistics
  • Hide Section: Your Courses

Avatar Styles

There are 2 options we provide for the user’s avatar in the top section of the Profile Summary.

Avatar Style provides the following options:

  • Circle: This is the LearnDash default. The avatar will appear in a circle shape.
  • Square: Selecting this option will display the avatar in a square
  • Inherit Border Radius: Selecting this option will use the Global Border Radius from the General Design panel
  • Hidden: Selecting this option will completely hide the avatar

Avatar Size allows you to set the size of the avatar, in pixels. Leave black to use the default 150 pixels. 150 is also the maximum value you can use.

“Edit Profile” Link

By default, the “Edit Profile” link appears just below the user’s name in the top section of the profile. It links to the user’s profile page in the backend of WordPress. For most people, this is considered a less-than-ideal experience. Design Upgrade Pro gives you two ways to handle this:

  • Hide “Edit Profile” Link: Enabling this option will completely remove the link
  • Custom “Edit Profile” URL: Entering a URL in this field will redirect the “Edit Profile” link to a page of your choice. Be sure to include the entire URL, beginning with https://.

Our plugin does not create a separate profile page, or make any part of the user’s profile editable. This must be handled with other plugins/tools. Design Upgrade Pro simply allows you to make the link point to a different page.

Hide Stats & Other Elements

The next set of options allows you to hide a handful of elements in the profile. Enabling any of the following options will completely hide the corresponding piece of information.

  • Hide Statistic: Courses
  • Hide Statistic: Completed
  • Hide Statistic: Certificates
  • Hide Statistic: Points
  • Hide “Your Courses” Header

Disable Expand/Collapse

Enabling this feature will remove the “Expand All” button, as well as the arrows inside each course that open/close course details, and always show all the content inside of each course (mainly, any assignments, quizzes and/or essays belonging to the course). This applies to the “Your Courses” section of the LearnDash Profile.

Disable Search

Enabling this option will remove the “Search” link at the top of the “Your Courses” section. This means that the search function that LearnDash provides will be inaccessible.

Quiz, Essay & Assignment Lists

Quiz, essay & assignment lists are found once you expand a course in the “Your Courses” section of the LearnDash Profile. Here’s a visual representation:

Example of assignment, essay & quiz lists

These will only appear if the user viewing his or her profile has taken a quiz, submitted an essay or uploaded an assignment corresponding to that course. Our plugin provides options to hide any or all of these 3 sections if you don’t want them to appear on the LearnDash Profile.

  • Hide Quiz Lists
  • Hide Essay Lists
  • Hide Assignments Lists

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Lesson: Profile

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