WisdmLabs Group Registration

Free Version

The free version of Design Upgrade for LearnDash adds a bit of CSS to fine-tune the design of the Group Registration plugin by WisdmLabs. We won’t go into every line of CSS that we add, but you should notice some subtle design improvements for the group registration pages that this plugin provides.

Pro Version

While our pro version doesn’t add options specifically for the WisdmLabs Group Registration plugin, we do utilize some existing options from our plugin, and apply them to certain areas of the group registration pages.

Group Registration is a premium plugin and must be purchased separately from WisdmLabs.


Here are a few screenshots of the Group Registration pages with Design Upgrade Pro settings applied. In the below examples:

  • Global Border Radius is set to 12px
  • Primary Buttons use a blue background with white text
  • Link Hover Color is set to pink
  • “Remove” links & - icons use the Incorrect Color
  • + icons use the Complete/Correct Color
WisdmLabs Group Registration top section
Group selector & edit group name section
WisdmLabs Group Registration enrolled users
Enrolled Users section
WisdmLabs Group Registration add users
Add Users screen
WisdmLabs Group Registration report screen
Report layout

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Lesson: WisdmLabs Group Registration

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