Pre-Sale Questions

Does it work with LearnDash versions prior to 3.0?
Yes. If you’re using LearnDash before version 3.0, our plugin will automatically detect that, and you will see legacy options. These were the first features we built for the plugin back before LearnDash updated its entire design with version 3.0.

You won’t receive any new features to the legacy design, nor do we provide support for it. For new features & support, please upgrade to LearnDash 3.0 and select the “LearnDash 3.0” Active Template in your LearnDash settings.

Is the plugin compatible with BuddyBoss?
No. BuddyBoss completely customizes the output of LearnDash elements, so the styles our plugin uses do not apply to those using the BuddyBoss Theme.

Is it compatible with my theme?
First, we recommend you check our theme compatibility page. If your theme is not listed on that page:

  1. Install the free version and see if your design appears broken, or looks strange in any way. If so, your theme is probably not compatible.
  2. After that, if you’re still unsure, or would like confirmation, please email us and we can check on it for you.

Do I need a license for my staging/development site?
No. Staging & development sites do not count against your license limit. You only need to purchase a license for live sites. Our plugin automatically recognizes the following domain naming conventions and your license key does not count against your site limit:

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • .*local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*

If you’re having trouble with automatic updates on a staging/development site, or your staging site uses a different naming convention, please contact our support team.

What happens if I don’t renew?
If you purchase the pro version, you will be set up on a yearly subscription. If you prefer not to renew your subscription, the plugin will continue to work in its current form. You just won’t receive any updates or new features, and won’t be eligible to receive support, after your license expires.

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Lesson: Pre-Sale Questions

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