Theme Compatibility

We strive hard to make Design Upgrade compatible with as many themes as possible. It’s not an easy task. Every theme writes their CSS in a unique way, and treats buttons, tables, spacing, fonts, etc. differently. Here’s where things currently stand with theme compatibility.

✅ Compatible Themes

These are the themes we actively test with, and are committed to maintaining compatibility for. In most cases, Design Upgrade for LearnDash (free & pro) will work with all themes that are not listed as incompatible below.

  • Astra
  • Divi
  • GeneratePress
  • eLumine (when using the “LearnDash 3.0” active template or eLumine’s “Elementary Layouts”)
  • LearnMate
  • Edufire
  • Neve
  • OceanWP
  • Storefront
  • Twenty Twenty
  • Twenty Nineteen
  • Twenty Seventeen
  • Twenty Sixteen
  • BuddyBoss Platform plugin

While not a theme, our plugin is fully compatible with the BuddyBoss Platform plugin, as long as it’s used with a theme other than BuddyBoss.

❌ Incompatible Themes

  • BuddyBoss Theme
  • Boss. / Social Learner (If you deactivate the “Boss for LearnDash” plugin, it will still work in “Legacy” mode)
  • eLumine (when using the “Legacy” active template or any version of LearnDash before 3.0)

❌ Visual Customizer from Snap Orbital

While not a theme, we should also mention that Design Upgrade for LearnDash should not be used with the Visual Customizer from Snap Orbital. Using both plugins at the same time will create design conflicts. You should pick one or the other; not both.

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Lesson: Theme Compatibility

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